Sunday, January 20, 2013

GAPS Tips That Work For Me

I've been on GAPS Intro now for 14 weeks. Things are going along smoothly, it has WELL been worth the sacrifices. My Raynaud's is under control for the most part, my digestion is much better, I feel stronger, and my thinking is clearer.

What do I eat? Right now; soup, bone broth, fermented veggies, eggs (in soup), and avocados (again, in soup), and the GAPS 'milkshake' without the apples. I've tried to add back in dairy in the form of kefir, but the candida let me know it was there for sure!
Cravings, what drove my eating habits all these years, are long gone. Happy am I to get to the point where healthy eating is about nourishment and not entertainment. An easy road to get here? No way. But as I said in my last post: sacrifice a little today - to have an awesome tomorrow!
I have always love to cook, but quite honestly, GAPS cooking is really more like one of those reality 'extreme cooking' shows. It doesn't seem to end. Chop, simmer, eat, clean up, and repeat!
Husband and Daughter are both doing GAPS with me to help with their allergies. DRAMATIC results, but more on that another day.
Keeping up with the meals is a common GAPS complaint. So instead of a dirty kitchen daily, I cook twice a week! Cooking 4-5 big pots of soup takes me about three hours. That includes clean up.
Accidental soup is what I've usually made in the past, you know, the soup you make when you clean out the fridge -smirk-. I've come up with some 'formulas' that make planning and cooking soup less stressful, a list of 15 or so soups to choose from with all their main ingredients. This still leaves room for some creativity. I'll be posting my soup 'formulas' tomorrow.
Another GAPS tip that I'd like to pass on - don't start until you are ready! This means, if you don't have a pantry or freezer full of broth, don't start until you do! Even though you'll be filling the stock pot daily to make broth, there WILL be a time when you're running short. That will also be the moment when everyone around you is absolutely STARVING and bad choices will be made. Peace of mind is a back-stock of broth.
And yes. Make broth everyday. Keep it full and available. Broth - a well made bone broth - will fill the belly, help detox, make you look younger (collagen anyone?), provide minerals that you need, and a HOST of other beneficial things!
These are just a few tips that have kept us going, would love to hear if you have any!

Enjoy the day-