Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GAPS Diet? Me? Really?!

Yesterday, I hinted about the most exciting and helpful weapon I have in my arsenal to detox the heavy metals in a more natural way. Perhaps you've heard of the GAPS diet?
Let me tell you a little story first....
About four years ago, my friend Loretta excitedly called me to tell me about a book she wanted me to read. She, in fact, was so excited she was willing to drive the thirty minutes to my house to drop it off. When she got here, she told me that she'd be back to pick the book up in one week.
ONE WEEK? I couldn't figure out what the hurry was. Or, why I was reading it for that matter. The title was confusing for me and I really couldn't figure out how it applied to me. Gut and Psychology Syndrome? What was she trying to tell me? She knew I was struggling with Raynaud's Syndrome, did she think it was all in my head? The cover of the book didn't stop there: Dyspraxia? No. Autism? No. A.D.D/A.D.H.D.? Not that I knew of. Dyslexia? Nope. Depression and Schizophrenia? Uh, no..?
But alas, I did skim the book and YIKES! What a diet! The restrictions were unbelievable and how could a baker like me give up grains? I flat out rejected the whole idea. Little did I know, God had sent me a boat and I turned it away. Hind site...yada, yada.
Fast forward to 2012. The year started out with the news that my auto-immune disease and the host of other problems taking me down could possibly be because of heavy metal toxicity. Documenting this journey to hopefully help someone else who might go through the same thing, I couldn't quite figure out the new readers I was corresponding with: moms with autistic children. That is, until I read the GAPS book. I get it now.
We are all so connected and we really have no idea. Autism, A.D.D., allergies, eczema, asthma, rheumatoid, auto-immune diseases, you name it!....all these things can be connected to the gut!
The GAPS diet really needs to be announced before it's explained. It is a TEMPORARY healing diet. Remember the word 'temporary' and note the word 'healing'. If you had the opportunity to heal a part of you that is stopping you or slowing you down - would you do it? Even if it meant TEMPORARILY giving up things you loved to eat? Would you do it? Who wouldn't? Life is short. Too short. Why wouldn't you want to sacrifice a little today to have an awesome tomorrow? Maybe I should type that in all caps!
The whole diet can be found for free at www.gapsdiet.com, but I do suggest buying the book and reading the whole thing. I have been in what is called the Intro stage of this diet since October (because of who I am, everyone is different) and things are going very well for me. Slow, but very well. I truly believe that this diet can help restore my own detoxification system that's been broken for a long time. I'll still be helping it along the way with herbs and what-not and give updates as I go along.
So, if you happen to have a friend (maybe it's me right now) like Loretta who wants to help you have an awesome tomorrow....get in the boat, will ya? And bring your kids.

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Enjoy the day-

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