Friday, September 20, 2013

Ketchin' Up - Ketchup Recipe

I find that a hiatus from this blog is a necessary thing when the busy season of summer hits. It's either 'do' or 'write-about-doing'. The preference for me, is getting out there and dirtying my hands. And BOY are they dirty. So, DO, I do.

The garden has been an amazing blessing this year. Photos of the bounty will follow. But for now, as the vines continue to produce tomatoes, it's time for ketchup. 

The question asked often (after people hear how long it takes to make), is, "is it really worth it?" Unbelievably YES! 

People. Have you read the backs of the ketchup containers in the stores? There are very few good ones out there. High-fructose corn syrup and all kinds of other junk! 

The next question I get from friends and guests, is, "how much ketchup can a person really eat? A little bit of gmo on a burger isn't going to kill you, right?" I bite my lip, as the answer I WANT to give is "no, but it will. and ever so slowly :)" But, I digress, and answer, "my family eats a LOT of ketchup". And with ketchup this good, you'll find other uses for America's #1 condiment.

And besides. It's time to 'dump the tea in the harbor'. Revolt against these manufacturer's poisons. 

Ketchup takes a loooong time to simmer down. Like, 5-7 days, depending on how much you make, and how thick you want the end results to be. So the number one ingredient is patience. 

In our household, ketchup is made every three years. 

I used to have the recipe memorized. Luckily, as my memory recently failed me, I keep all my 'sent' emails as far back as 2007 :). Here is a pic of the recipe that I sent to my cousin a few years back.

Literally, toss all the ingredients in a big pot. BIG, chunky, ingredients. Cover and simmer. 

Around day 3 or so, I run all the ingredients through the blender. Process pint jars for 25 minutes in a water bath. When I make ketchup, it's usually the recipe x8 or 10.


Enjoy the day -H

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