Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Love Our Bunnies!

So I received an anonymous message from someone who wants me to stop breeding bunnies due to an overwhelming number of them in shelters. I can see this as a real problem. Especially for the poor bunnies who were promised to be taken care of for their whole lives, only to be discarded when people become bored.

While this is only our first litter, we plan on interviewing potential new owners before they purchase our bunnies. It is a life long commitment for the life of the bunny. Daughter and I have also decided that in our policy handbook, we would end it with the disclaimer that bunnies may be surrendered back to us at any time.

Enjoy this video:


  1. You also might point out to those asking you not to breed your bunnies that there really are very few (comparatively speaking) angora rabbits in shelters. Angora breeders do not tend to overbreed, and do not generally allow purchase by people unwilling to properly care for their bunnies. Unlike those cute little short-haired "bunnies" that are offered all over the place!

    Our first rabbit came - via our feed store - from a man who (seriously!), when asked what breed the babies were, said, "what breed do you want them to be?" Although he clearly wasn't what I'd call a responsible breeder, the rabbits did, at least, appear to be well-cared for and has continued to be a healthy bunny. Our little guy seems to be (mostly) mini-spot and that was fine with us. Our second has been a mini-lop, and we are her second owners - just because her first owner "no longer had time for her." (Mini-lops are just so cute that they are prime candidates for overbreeding, I think.)

    Keep doing what you're doing! Selectively breeding and screening new owners - and clearly stating that you want to take the rabbit back if it doesn't work out. It wouldn't hurt to - periodically - check back with the buyer, just to see how things are working out, too.

  2. Thank you victoryfarm for your encouragement. And thank you for recommending that I check back periodically with the new owners. I like that idea. We've found great new owners for all but one of our new babies.

    Thanks again for your comment!


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