Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Love Our Bunnies!

So I received an anonymous message from someone who wants me to stop breeding bunnies due to an overwhelming number of them in shelters. I can see this as a real problem. Especially for the poor bunnies who were promised to be taken care of for their whole lives, only to be discarded when people become bored.

While this is only our first litter, we plan on interviewing potential new owners before they purchase our bunnies. It is a life long commitment for the life of the bunny. Daughter and I have also decided that in our policy handbook, we would end it with the disclaimer that bunnies may be surrendered back to us at any time.

Enjoy this video:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pedigree English Angora Bunnies

Finally! We have babies! Bonnie gave birth to five beautifull bunnies on February 18th. We are selling them with pedigrees and they should be ready to go sometime around or after Easter. Here are some photos and videos of the week they were born. Check back to see how fast they grow!

We are located in Connecticut and welcome inquiries about purchasing our bunnies. Email me at chooserawmilk (at symbol) resetyourways (dot symbol) com.

Bonnie looks a little rough around the edges in the video above. It was taken shortly after she gave birth. She tore out a LOT of her wool and looked like a poodle and her face was pretty dirty too!

All potential new owners need to do their homework before purchasing an angora bunny. They are wonderful and cute, but need a lot of love and care.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek at our world-