Monday, January 14, 2013

From the Garden - January 14, 2013

I can hardly believe I'm posting a garden update in January, and a substantial one at that! One goal I have for 2013, is to increase the amount of food we produce on our property. And with property being limited, the real answer is to produce year round.
In early August I seeded a whole bunch of Miyashige Daikon Radishes. At the time, the garden was full of promise and there was no room to be found, so they were seeded in deep 4" pots and transplanted to the garden in late September. They did very well in the pots, and being transplanted.
We ate the greens regularly and the radishes in soup until the ground froze hard a little over two weeks ago. I thought for sure what was left in the ground would only be good for compost, or good for only next year's seed.
The weather was really mild yesterday and today, melting all the snow and ice that's hung around since the last storm. We pushed the leaves aside and saw the most beautiful snow white roots pushing up out of the ground!

This harvest of 8 1/2 pounds has certainly put us off on the right foot with our goals of winter gardening!

The smaller radishes were left in the ground....just to see what will happen next. At the very least, I'll see them through for seed and continue eating the greens. Very yummy in soup, by the way. The buns enjoy them too! 
In the kitchen, the radishes were scrubbed, sliced thin, and put in fermenting jars to be preserved. 

Husband made these fermenting jars for me. Pretty cool, huh?
Later this week, I plan on seeding some more of this radish in our cool sunroom. We'll see if the early spring harvest is as tasty as they are this winter. I'll keep you posted!
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  1. The thaw was nice, particularly since I have to get an oil truck up the driveway. Nice to find the radishes survived the freeze. Apparently you can also make kimchi from radishes if you like spicy food, something on my list to try.

  2. It's wonderful you are having such success throughout the seasons with your garden - those radishes look just amazing! Thank you for sharing this post with the Hearth and Soul hop.


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