Friday, September 28, 2012

Bonnie & Clyde

Who wouldn't want to see this cute little face first thing in the morning? This is Clyde. Bubba Clyde. Clyde Hopper. Or whatever cutsie little name I call him. No matter. He's excited to see me each and every morning regardless of what I call him.

It is VERY hard to keep Clyde clean. Especially his face. He 'wears' his food. I know it's my fault because I feed my buns treats of greens, but the why of that is a post for another time. Dirty face or clean, I love him still the same.

This is Bonnie. Bonnie May. Bonnie Bon-Schnauzer. She loves, loves, loves to be held and cuddled like a baby. She also likes to wear her hair in a mohawk as you can see below. She's a rebel.

When Bonnie first came home with us this past spring she had blue eyes. Now, she has one brown eye and one eye that's part blue and part brown.
My two little fluff balls had to be separated in July because Clyde found his 'special purpose'. Oh boy, DID he. I caught them before anything happened. He was doing it all wrong anyway. He knew what to do, just not where (smirk).  Good thing too. Taking care of these two is enough for now. Angora bunnies are not for everyone.
The biggest perk of having Bonnie and Clyde, other than the lovable cuteness, is the pile of gold they leave me under their hutch. Plants that I put these little time-released-fertilizer-pellets around out performed others. The blueberries especially loved it!

Each bunny gets 1-2 exercise period each day. We have an outdoor playpen, but if the grass is wet outside, they get to play in the kitchen. It's funny how easily bunnies can be litter pan trained. All it's taken is carboard trays in the corners and they took it from there. I just have to get to the litter pans before the dogs do. Otherwise, those wonderful fertilizer pellets become a tempting treat for my Bostons - ewww!

Enjoy the day-

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