Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Detox/Raynaud's Update - September 25

It's been a bit of time (July to be exact) reporting in since I've gotten my blood test results back...and for good reason too. I needed time to process the info and relay it without crying or screaming. Or both.

Anyway, the results for the heavy metal tests came back HIGHER than originally. When I started to tear up at the doctor's office, my doctor insisted that it was good news. I was pretty sure I knew good news and this was not that. His thinking is that it means we've stirred the metals up from their hiding places and now we need to continue the work of getting them out. I don't remember that being in the plan. So I left the office and cried in my car.

The long ride home alone was not one of my finer moments. "Suck it up and come up with a plan", I told myself, being my own cheerleader and drill sergeant. I decided to proceed with the detox program but instead of wasting the rest of my summer in bed, I'd schedule the treatment from September to January 2013. This would allow me to use the time until then living like a normal person and preparing my home, family, and garden for what was to come.

July to September I was as busy as a one armed woman in a slapping contest...well, one busy like that but only breaking for a 2-4 hour nap most days. Very strangely, I had a three week period in July that I felt positively awesome. I was able to exercise and participate in normal life activities like an actual normal person. I have no idea what was different about those weeks and have not been able to duplicate it since.

The good news is that my red blood cell count is higher than it was and aluminum is no longer a problem metal for me. However, Lead and Thallium are the dangerously crazy high heavy metals. Three times the 'legal limit'.

The question that everyone asks me is: where did these metals come from? Good question. Lead could have come from the pipes in a house I lived in in my twenties or from pesticides when I worked in a greenhouse. I also look very squinty eyed at beauty product and cosmetics that I immersed myself in for years.

Thallium is harder to understand where it's come from. Toxicity is almost as dangerous as lead. My levels prior to taking the provoking agent (a high dose of DMSA the 'provokes' the metals out) were alarmingly high. This new report from the blood lab reports that Thallium is the 'secret ingredient' in diet products. Hmmm...that actually makes sense, although it's been many years since I've used any diet products, I WAS a HEAVY diet soda drinker from my teens through my twenties. Searching on-line, I've found some interesting information regarding thallium toxicity in everyday products that most of us use. Alarming and DISTURBING that it's possible that thallium poisoning could come from
dental floss, cotton balls, pads and tampons. Yikes!

This site has a very good list of heavy metals with their sources and descriptions if you're interesting in reading more about heavy metal poisoning. The more I read about heavy metal poisoning, the more I realize it's responsible for a lot of health problems for everybody. I'm just one of the lucky ones who knows I'm toxic!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the REALLY good news! My Raynaud's/Erythromelalgia are hardly bothering me at all. I had very little trouble this summer with burning feet and even wore regular shoes from time to time. And usually the cold weather we've had the last few morning would leave me with dark purple, numb toes limping around - so far - so good. We'll see what happens as the cold weather progresses.

I'll be sharing some of my summer adventures over the next few weeks.

Squeeze every bit out of everyday - life is short!
Enjoy the day-