Monday, June 25, 2012

Detox/Raynaud's Update - June 25

It's been a while since I've given a detox update, the reason being that they pretty much all went the same - excruciatingly painful. I've completed eight cycles, the seventh cycle, Husband was actually home for the worst part of my day and he decided (as I lay on the bathroom floor crying) that it was time to get re-tested to see if the metal levels have gone down. I wanted to go ahead with the eight cycle anyway, and believe it or not, it was cake compared to the rest so I'm hoping that it's a good sign. Today I went for one of the tests and I'll be doing the second at home tomorrow.

During the last update, I shared some things that seemed to help this detox go smoother and to help me recover between DMSA cycles. There are a couple other things that I'd like to mention that I feel are important:

Alkaline Diet
I have been eating mostly raw foods BUT also mostly alkaline foods. After reading the pH Miracle book I figured I ought to give it a try being already halfway there with foods that were tolerable to my system. If you're anything like me, my first thought while reading the book was you've got to be kidding me, what CAN a person eat! Really, it's not like that at all. It's the people around me that seem to have a problem with it. When I had my initial blood test that reported the laundry list of problems, an infection in my blood came up and I'm pretty sure after much research that it's candida. The pH diet is suppose to help.

Castor Oil Packs
Castor oil packs help a lot with pain in my stomach and liver. They're pretty easy to do as directed on many websites and YouTube videos, but I simplified the procedure to suit me. I get my hot water bottle ready along with several old towels and the castor oil, then I lie down and pour the castor oil on my abdomen and cover it immediately with one of the towels. Usually, I wait a few seconds and lift the towel up to add some more oil. Then, I put the towel back on, adding another or two more and top with the hot water bottle. I don't think the plastic wrap is a good idea (as recommended elsewhere) against the skin and I really don't care about these old towels. Castor oil packs help almost instantly with the pain and help me to fall asleep. The problem I've found is that if I sleep all night with the pack on, I'm pretty wiped out the next day.

A friend from church gave me a bottle of PectaSol along with a brochure entitled The Case Against Detoxing. Yes. I agree. And if I hadn't been desperate enough, I would have taken the slow and steady route instead. However, after reading all about PectaSol, I decided to take it in the afternoons after I stirred up the metals in my system, using the PectaSol to mop up the leftover metals in my bloodstream that had not been evacuated.

Speaking of Evacuation...
Ok, this one I've been holding back on. Pride. BUT if my purpose for sharing my gory details is to help someone out there, then I will divulge entirely. Enemas. Yes, enemas (but wait, there's more). In order for the toxins to come out...well...there's really only one exit. And they need to exit quick too. At least quicker than letting nature take it's course. Toxins can be reabsorbed if they hang out too long waiting to exit. Once I figured this out, my recovery time between cycles decreased from 10 days to 4 to finally 2. And not just plain enemas are in order, ahem. Please read this and this regarding coffee enemas. I KNOW how it sounds, trust me and no, I didn't just find a new way to have my coffee! This really does work to clean out the liver and EVERYONE could use that. I would not recommend  this DMSA detox to anyone (a person must decide this for themselves) but I would recommend a coffee enema to everyone. Please take the time to read the above links. This info could be a real life saver to anyone with a serious illness.

Our church family has been great during this whole time - it's been five months. My friend Rebekah coordinated meals for Husband and Daughter. I am very thankful.

Even though I am not spending my days in bed right now, I'm still not really cooking. No one seems to mind. I've been spending most of my energy trying to catch up with life. Life did go on without me participating as it seems. Hard to deal with on some level...

Right now I am still healing, and trying like mad to look and behave normal. I've lost 18 pounds, and am unusually weak. Weak like unbelievable. But willful and stubborn, pushing forward. I still have to lie down for part of the day, kind of like a siesta I guess. My brain is not back to normal quite yet, (insert joke here) I have trouble finding the right words, verbally, for things at times. Hoping it's not permanent, but it is much better than it was a month ago. I am thankful to be driving now, though just a bit.

Another thing I should mention is that I've acquired a severe chemical sensitivity during this detox. If I go to a store that carries fertilizer, perfume, beauty products or cleaning agents, it hits me and knocks me for a loop. I can smell and taste it, and it instantly makes me feel weak and sleepy. There is no hope for a normal day after this happens. This also applies to being around people wearing perfume, strong deodorant, and who have recently used perfumed laundry detergent or fabric softener.

Good news though - my feet are doing very well! The only time I've had any trouble at all was during a heat wave we had last week with temperatures nearing 100. I've also had no problem with my hands or feet in air conditioning so far. We'll see how things go when the weather turns cooler this fall.

At the beginning of May, I took a few weeks off of the detox to enjoy some of spring. Husband chauffeured me around New England. I'll be sharing some of our fun days soon.