Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grain Chuffa

New gardening adventures are exciting, just when you think you've grown it all, something like Grain Chuffa pops up out of nowhere.

I purchased chuffa based on this customer review from the Baker Creek website: Sweet, nutty taste. Great snack. Very prolific. Each tuber will multiply itself by 100. Easy to grow and requires no attention (I planted in spring and forgot about them until fall.) Difficult to harvest. No matter how hard you sift through the dirt you always leave dozens behind. They can be grown in pots. I would recommend cleaning the tubers in a bucket of water with small gravel, stirring, rinsing, repeat, similar to cleaning walnuts. Chufa can be invasive but will be killed by northern temperatures. Often planted as a food crop for deer and turkey..

I'm not too concerned about them being invasive here in Connecticut, although, those in the south should beware and think carefully about containing chuffa based on what I've read about them taking over gardens and lawns.

Difficult to harvest? I'll take the challenge.

Twenty five seeds came in the packet, and I started half of them inside to get a jump on the season. The young plants and remaining seeds were planted outside yesterday. I'm excited to see what happens and hoping that it doesn't go like the peanut crop failure of 2008 (-smirk- northerners don't grow peanuts for a reason). I'll follow up at harvest time.

Enjoy the day -