Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dandelion-Violet Lemonade

At this time of year, you can't go clicking too far on the internet without reading about dandelions and their virtues. While I won't reiterate the fact that they're worth their weight in calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C what's already out there in cyber-space, I'd like to share an easy and nutritious spring time drink that will allow you to use up all those sunny yellow flowers in your yard right now. It's fun to get the family involved in the collection process too!

I haven't always loved dandelions. I may have been programmed from childhood to associate them with 'bad', something that invaded and took over lawns. One spring not too long ago, I paid a certain child five cents a piece for each dandelion carcass turned in. That ended up being not to my favor. I think I had to write her a check. THAT'S also the reason for our current dandelion relocation program, we're short on dandelion supply and have had to look elsewhere for them. Yes, I have been spotted digging up dandelions and transplanting them to a nice little dandelion garden on our hillside.

I printed out the original recipe last year from Since then, I've learned that violets (yes, the ones that take over lawns) are high in vitamin A and C (by the way, you can also eat the leaves raw in salad). They also happen to look very pretty in the jar with the yellow dandelion flowers, don't they? Sure does make a good conversation piece when people see it.

We only make 1/2 gallon at a time. Here's how:

  • Fill 1/2 gallon mason jar 1/2 way with dandelions and violet flowers.
  • Add the juice and rind of two - three lemons.
  • Fill to the very top with water and cap tightly.
  • Let steep in a sunny location for a day like you would sun-tea.
  • Strain through muslin (we only use butter muslin - you'll never use anything else for cheese making once you try it!) and really squeeze all the moisture out.
  • Add honey to suit your taste. We don't add honey to the pitcher, only directly to the serving glasses as needed, but do as you like.
On a side note, Daughter made several batches of this for me during the last cycle of my detox and I recovered to 'normal' a lot quicker that the first two cycles.

Enjoy the day-