Thursday, April 19, 2012

Detox/Raynaud's Update - April 19

As I write this, I have completed the third cycle of my detox. It's hard to believe that this has been going on since early February. It's even harder to believe that it will take most of the summer at this point. My body has to heal between cycles and the doctor has given me liberty to 'know' when it's time to start the next cycle. These days have been hard for this Type A girl, running at half capacity. There are two things that have helped when things have been at their worst.

1. Prayer - prayer to get me through this and prayer for those that I love as I try to take my thoughts off of myself. When I think I've run out of things to pray about, then, I recant the miracles of Jesus to God.

2. Blogging - writing has been very good for me. It's been difficult at times for me to get the words out of my mouth in an organized manner...and make sense, but writing has been easy and a little therapeutic for me. I try to keep my daily detox woes out of posts other than the updates though.

The last time I gave an update on the progress of my detox, my liver was in trouble and I had to wait it out until it calmed down so I could proceed to the third cycle of DMSA. Waiting things out patiently is not quite my style, so here are some things that helped. (Hoping this info helps someone out there that might go through something similar someday.)

Detox Baths
2 cups of epsom salts, 1/2 cup sea salt, and 1/2 Bob's Red Mill baking soda (read here to find out why you should use Bob's), and three drops of lavendar oil. Info on the benefits of detox baths can be found all over the internet, but the best info I've found is here. I will, however, tell you my personal experience with these baths have been extremely good. I find they really calm me down, you know, my insides and my brain. I'll go into more detail in another post on this.

Carrot, kale and ginger. I go into more detail here on why juicing is great for the liver.

Herb Pharm's Healthy Liver Tincture. I've made a tincture that costs me a whole lot less that still needs another week to go before it's ready. I purchased the ingredients from the Bulk Herb Store and followed the directions in the video below.

Stinging Nettle Infusion
This is for nourishment and energy. I put some lemon verbena and sweet fern leaves in the infusion to 'soften' the taste. It's great chilled. Pretty much I drink it all day. Check out here for more info on nettles and how to make an infusion.

Liver function returned to normal three weeks after the last cycle, and I'm sure the things mentioned above helped. As well as the fact that my diet has been EXTREMELY healthy with much of it being raw (and chewing each bite thoroughly), and consuming very little meat if any. Meat slows down my digestive system and I need it to not be slow.

Like I mentioned at the top of my post, here I am at the end of the third cycle. It - was - not - fun. Three days of not - fun. The pain was almost unbearable. Pulsing, pressure, throbbing, burning/freezing, all over. Very hard to explain. The worst part is the fever. A funny hummm in my head happens too, the volume goes way up, and then way down over and over. I cried. I yelled "I quit" (to no one because no one was there to here it). I'm yellow, again. Back to square one.

I've been reading a book that has helped me understand just how toxic our world really is. Everlasting Health by Robert Bernardini, M.S. This book makes it a little more clear to me why this process has been so painful. Our bodies protect themselves from 'non food' items by storing most of them in our fat cells. How many 'non food' items have you eaten in your life time? Artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives? Knowingly AND UNknowingly, I'm sure. These things are not food. Just because the FDA says it's ok, doesn't mean you should eat them! Getting them out of the body is more than a little uncomfortable.

So here I am and here I'll be for a few days more, in my bed that Daughter put fresh white sheets and linens on for me, windows open, listening to the birds and the not-so-mute swan flapping his wings on the pond. Life could be a whole lot worse.

Enjoy the day-

The Life of Barn Cats

When Husband and I married, the one thing we vowed that we would NOT have, would be a cat. Never - Ever. Then we got chickens. And needed cats. You keep the critters at bay that want to eat the things in the chicken yard and grain and what-not. I prayed for a cat. Really, I did. Because I wanted the Lord to send me one that desperately needed a home because it would spend it's life outside, in the barn, year round. Enter Sunshine, an answer to prayer. If you read the link attached to her name, you'll see why there's now seven. It's just a number. It's not who I am (smirk). I haven't reached crazy cat lady status....maybe.

The plan was that they would live in the barn. That was the plan. But JUST LOOK at how cute they were!

Their momma left them so can cuteness like this possibly be left in a barn, with no momma? So I brought them inside they came inside. Not everyone was on board at the time (ahem), but let's just fast forward to the present, shall we?

They are hunters. There is no doubt about it. They hunt like cheetahs. Just look at those paws. What could possibly escape from cats with thumbs?

They stay out all night and sleep ALL day. ALL day. One would think I have lazy cats until you look around the outside of the house and notice all the corpses from the nightly hunts.

Peanut and Penelope - sleeping.

Piper - sleeping.

Priscilla - sleeping.

Samson the Great - sleeping.

Seven the Last - sleeping.

All sleeping. Except Sunshine. Who knows where she goes during the day. The problem is that now that the weather has warmed up, they've brought home dozens of 'friends' with them. Ticks. It's like a bad horror movie. This is going to be a bad year for ticks. They've been covered with them, not in them, but just clinging to the cats waiting to come in to feast on me, I think. We have to be vigilant to pick them off as the cats come in in the morning.

I'm in need of something natural, that actually works. Maybe picking them off is the only natural way of doing this. I've done a lot of reading on the use of flea and tick preventatives and the effects they have on humans. It is not good. Not good at all. I'm thinking of dusting them with diatomaceous earth, but have to do more research on that to make sure it's not going to dry their skin out too much. Thoughts would be appreciated.

I hope you like the photos of my 'barn' cats!
Enjoy the day-

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