Friday, March 23, 2012

Detox Update

Two cycles of my detox are complete, leaving three more to go. According to my calendar, that should have things finished up by the beginning of May, right? WRONG. The last cycle didn't go so well. I had two days that were a little scary, my skin turned yellow along with the whites of my eyes. It lasted only two days, (thank you God). Still, we all know that THAT isn't good.

Earlier this week I reported in to my doctors office, who sent me for blood work before I can proceed with the DMSA portion of the detox. He called yesterday to tell me that my liver enzymes are high. Too much too quick are his thoughts. I'll have to wait three weeks and be re-tested. In the meantime, I'm to continue on with the other parts of the detox.

This is a little frustrating to me as this is pushing the detox well into summer, moving along at only half capacity. The good news is that I've been up and about, dressed even, although I move as slow as a sloth in July. A really tired sloth. Have you ever seen a sloth move in person? I have. Let's just say that it had moss growing on it...that's how I feel.

Slow as it may be, I'm up and down throughout the day. Which is good, because some of the burden can be lifted off of Daughter.  She is still making most of the meals and doing a great job. Her favorite thing to do is bake. Lately she's been on a Dory Greenspan kick, working her way through the cookie section of her cookbook.

Yesterday, I went out and enjoyed some of the sunshine...with my rake and hand trowel of course. I just had to uncover some of the perennials that still have fall leaves on them. I also planted some of the pansies my mom brought me last week. Here are some photos of the day:

Turtles out of hibernation, loving the sun.

Daylilies finally uncovered from the fall leaves.

Samson the Great taking a cat nap under the swing.

The girls drinking a little kefir. It's good for them. It's good for you too.

Basket of pansies and Lysimachia nummularia on the garden gate.
Enjoy the day -