Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From The Garden - October 9, 2012

There is finally that familiar chill of autumn in the air around here. I actually welcome it and the opportunity to clean up the garden and get it ready for next year.
Still coming in from the garden...ground cherries! Very abundant right now.
All one needs to do is bend over and scoop them up. Ground cherries have a slightly sweet pineapple flavor to them. Great in salads. Especially great in Ground Cherry Cake, if you'd like my recipe, click here.

Last week I dried a bunch of them in the dehydrator. Simply cut down the center and dried cut side up for about 12 hours, then air sealed in a mason jar. They'll be used for scones, cookies and muffins in place of raisins.
These are the last ripe cherry tomatoes. There are a bunch of green ones that I plan on picking later today to lacto-ferment them.

Below are the last of the regular tomatoes. Both the tomatoes and cherry tomatoes were dehydrated and turned into sun-dried tomatoes.
Dried, but not to the crisp point, still a little sticky. Herbs, salt and garlic were mixed in a jar with olive oil. Add tomatoes, top with more olive oil and shake. These will be a great addition to salads this winter.

Sun-dried tomatoes.
I picked up a couple of flats of plum tomatoes from my farmer and dehydrated them as well. I sliced them real thin and dried them very well.
Then they were air sealed in mason jars. We'll use these on pizzas and flat bread or pulverize them for use in salad dressings. I ended up with four quarts in all.
Also from my garden is kale. Lots of kale! I pretty much eat kale every day. Read here about my latest misadventures with kale.
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  1. Love those tomatoes! What a great addition to a well stocked pantry--Thank you for sharing on Hearth & Soul Hop. :)


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