Monday, July 16, 2012

Spontaneous Fishing

Recently, I learned a wonderful life lesson. The old me likes to plan and choreograph all events, even little ones like dinner with friends. Spontaneity has never been fun to me.

Last weekend we had some friends over for fishing. A last minute thing. No time to clean. No time to plan or shop for special food. But I kept calm. Threw some veggies and dogs on the grill, tossed a salad and everyone was happy. My friend Amanda brought a cantaloupe for dessert. The old me would have insisted on more. The new (detoxed and tired) me just went with the flow. And you know what? It was a super fun relaxed time. Husband lit a bonfire, Daughter lit all the tiki torches. Instant party.

The guys all went fishing and filled up the canoe with fish, they were jumping out of the water begging to be caught.

Amanda and I went for a canoe ride too. Except we didn't catch fish. We caught this little guy struggling for life bobbing in the water.

I went to scoop him out of the water and he desperately grabbed onto my finger. He must be some kind of bird of prey, his claws were HUGE. 

Poor little guy. Absolutely exhausted from flapping his wings to stay afloat.

We brought him back to shore and placed him in a box near the campfire. In a few hours, he was dry and flew off.

See, spontaneity saved this little guy, so it mustn't be a bad thing.

Enjoy the day-

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