Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival 2012

One of the fun things I did during my detox break in May, was to attend the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. This was a special Mother's Day outing for me, Daughter, and my friend Jenifer and her daughter.

Examples of felting

Being our first time there, it was a little overwhelming with how much there was to see. I'd definitely recommend this festival as a day trip.

Trying our hands at the loom
We didn't register for any classes this year, but next year we certainly will. Love hands on classes.

There were so many cute critters to see and pet too. But my heart melted when I saw the bunnies. I've long wanted angora bunnies. Not just for their wool, but as pets. The new barn (3 years in process) is designed to house bunnies both with an inside and outside run. Daughter knows I love bunnies and started in right away with "let's call Daddy and ask him if we can have one". Little did she know, I'd already bombarded his text box with bunny photos, but I maintained that it wasn't time for us to have bunnies quite yet.

Until. I met a little white bunny with blue eyes and dark gray 'eye liner' around each eye. I caved. I called. Here's how it went:

Me: "Honey, can I buy a bunny today?"
Husband: "No. No. Absolutely not. NO. Not now. No."
Me: "Ok Honey, it's really ok. Bye"

Daughter of course could hear the whole conversation and her eyes were welling up.

Me: "Your Daddy's in charge and he said not today and that's ok."

Not thirty seconds later, the phone rings. It's him.

Husband, in his gruff commanding voice: "Ok, but buy two. A male and female. And I get to name them."

I hang up and tell daughter. There was much celebrating. This seemed like a good teaching moment to stress the point to not push her future husband and you get more flies with honey instead of vinegar.

Holding this little girl ball of fluff is the breeder and owner of Evergreen Farm.

Holding this little boy ball of fluff is the breeder and owner of Alpaca Obsession.

Here they are in their new outdoor playpen. I've yet to get good pictures of either of them, they move so fast.

While I would have liked cute names like Snow and Charming, Husband wanted the male to have a manly name. I did, however, remind him that it was a white fluffy bunny that in no way screamed manly. No matter.

Bonnie and Clyde. Famous outlaws as they were. Now cute bunnies.
Clyde Hopper
I call them my Buns. One must be careful how and who one says that in front of (smirk). Saying things like "I love my Buns", or "aren't my Buns cute", can leave too much room for interpretation....and comment. The other day I texted Husband when it neared 100 degrees to tell him that my Buns were hot and I was bringing them inside. Yep.

Husband and his 'manly' white fluffy bunny, Clyde.

Had a great time at the festival! Maybe next year I'll ask for a goat. JUST kidding!
Enjoy the day-

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  1. Haha that was fun to read. Love how your man came around!!

    1. He really does like them now, and even has tolerated me keeping them indoors on the really hot days we've had.

  2. LOL!
    And next year goats? LOL again! Now I'm not really laughing AT you, but with you! Because I bet you'll be laughing in the other end of that quest too.
    It took me almost 2 years to convince my husb. to 'allow' me to get chickens. (We both run our home-based PC repair biz so it's not like I bring in a paycheck or that I'm dependent either). He's fair-minded and all that but like you, I'd rather him come around with pre-approval because a husband's support is an awesome thing. Also it took me that long to get a flock for free, so HOW could he say no? Now I had goats in mind for a year before even bringing it up. He said "No way!" (Like am I crazy?)
    So I brought the issue up with the drought this year and 5 wildfires surrounding us at one time. "You know, goats would be a good tool for fire mitigation and eat up all that underbrush." (We have 10 acres of which almost 9 are full of overgrown brush and 1 tree in 8 is dead!) Still "no". Then one day he went to a clients house to do a job and SAW their goats. Their "CUTE" goats! THEN he said "you know, maybe we could get some."
    Now I know you've gotten your hubby to the fair to see goats already (that's way ahead of me right there). But maybe those goats were just looking like milk goats or something... because I'm pretty sure that NO one could look at this and not want one! Take a look and see if you don't laugh your socks off: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/07/31/buttermilk-the-jumping-nigerian-dwarf-goat-annoys-her-friends-at-took-a-leap-farm_n_1722642.html
    (She even laughs like a leprechaun!
    Good luck with the rabbits- they DO need to stay cool!

    1. OHHHH! That goat video is too cute! How could anyone not want one of those? Sounds like you definitely need goats...you know...to 'protect the homestead'. Logic usually gets them everytime.


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