Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From The Garden - June 27, 2012

By the Grace of God, this garden of mine has been very prolific this year. It's not because of my laborious hours spent hoeing and weeding, although I've been out there every chance I get.

Strawberry season is just wrapping up for us with a whopping 30 pounds - Daughter weighed every one...

Chives and onion greens have been plentiful for our salads...

Beautiful dandelion greens have been dried as well as frozen. I use them every morning in my green smoothie...

Some dandelions had to be pulled from inconvenient locations and turned into dandelion root tincture...

Red Winter Kale and Winterbor Kale have been plentiful since late January...

This year I learned that kale flower buds taste yummy...

Pac Choi is a new one for me this year, very tasty raw in salads and sauteed with garlic. The slugs like them just fine too...

Mustard greens have just about given up due to the heat. We've had many meals with them and the fall crop will be planted soon...

That's the harvest report so far! More to come!
Enjoy the day-

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  1. You garden harvest looks amazing! How do you keep the chipmunks out of your strawberries? I have two sets of fences around mine and still there is one bite taken out of every single ripe strawberry. The darn chipmunks always wait until they are just ripe and eat them before I can get to them. I wish they would eat the whole thing instead of taking only one bite out of each one. I guess I need to get an outdoor cat. :)

    1. Thanks Anita! My daughter has been a big help this year.

      We have secret weapons against critters - cats! Boy, do they patrol and protect the garden. The only thing is they like to sleep in the garden their business so I have to set up areas especially for them.

  2. Lovely harvest, very jealous of your beautiful strawberries do you make jam?
    What other veg do you put in your breakfast juice? green juice sounds interesting. I usually have celery,carrot and apple.
    I grew Pac choi for the first time this year too, it grew really well and so tasty, will be planting out some more seed as soon as it warms up a bit.

    1. We certainly do jam! Just finished 10 pints of wild black raspberry yesterday. The pantry is still full with strawberry jam from last year. Blueberry is on the list though.

      My breakfast smoothie may not sound's part of my detox program to regain strenth. Kale, celery, dandelion, wheat grass (growing a pot out back), coconut oil, and water. I also juice a quart to drink throughout the day of carrot, parsley, kale, celery, ginger, dandelion, and soon I'll add some wild purslane in.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Boy that is a lot of strawberries! Lovely looking greens! I'm down to chard and amaranth, but will soon be planting collards and mustard again.

    1. Amaranth is one I've never tried before...have to research it. Do you get a big yield?

  4. 30 pounds of strawberries??? How many square feet of plants does it take to yield that amount? I'm impressed!!!

    1. We have two rows that are about 40 feet long. The plants are mulched heavily with pine needles, coffee grounds are applied when available, and we've been pretty diligent about cutting the runners off. All that paid off this year! Now, if I could just get my blueberry bushes to get going...


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