Monday, April 9, 2012

Perennial Vegetable: Jerusalem Artichokes

Mary & me at OSV.
A couple of years ago, my dear friend Mary brought me a gift of a big pot of Jerusalem Artichokes from her garden. She knew that I wanted these, because I've fawned over them on our yearly homeschool field trips to Old Sturbridge Village. The vegetable garden at OSV beckons to me as soon as we arrive AND it happens to be the furthest point from the I have to practice patience. I love to see the old varieties of veggies and I'm also constantly scanning the gardens for old techniques.

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I planted the clump of Jerusalem Artichoke tubers, as they were given to me, in a corner of our veggie garden. And there they've stayed, growing tall and blooming pretty yellow flowers each year. Occasionally, I'd be reminded by them (being in the vegetable garden) that they ARE edible. But then I'd get sidetracked - OH LOOK, a butterfly - and there they sat. Until the video below (humorously named - and don't worry, I have plenty of winter'll soon learn why), motivated me to do this right.

Oh, so I should unclump them and stop treating them like an ornamental? Ok. So, I set off to work by digging up the clump of tubers. This was really a quick and easy project. The tubers were absolutely beautiful and just tumbled up and out of the soil. I look forward to the fall harvest.

Freshly dug Jerusalem Artichoke tubers.

Jerusalem Artichokes in their new bed.

Hoping that this post will motivate you to try Jerusalem Artichokes this growing season!

Enjoy the day-


  1. I need to see if I can grow Jerusalem artichokes in my area. I love easy perennials that require little work! Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Jerusalem artichokes used to be a huge farmed crop here in the southeast by the Cherokee, Choctaw and Chickasaw in the 1800's. They will actually spread quite rambunctiously here, as you can never dig every bit up. However I have a sedate clump that I grow as an ornamental -- I think it stays manageable because it is actually shaded a good bit of the summer, but it blooms reliably each year.


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