Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ideas For Your Easter Table

A nestful of Orioles
Certain things seem to go hand in hand...like spring-type things and Easter. Even though Easter is a time to specifically remember our Savior and what He did for us on the cross, we seem to end up falling into the world's pattern of mixing in eggs, bunnies, and daffodils. And who doesn't love those things?

I guess as long as you can keep your eyes focused on the cross and not fixed solely on the bunny, you can still have fun decorating with spring-like symbols of this renewed time of year.

This year, we won't be doing a big family dinner with all the bells and whistles due to my detox, but that just gives me more time to dig up photos from Easters past and check out blogs for ideas for next year.

Here are some ideas to help pretty up your spring time table:

The table is set in our sunroom with pink and white.

Bunny Napkins - go here for the 'how to', it's easier than it looks.

This cake was made for a spring celebration for friends.
The pansies are actual pansies from my garden, painted with egg whites and dipped in pulverized sugar.
Completely edible and a great activity to do with kids.
Enjoy the day-

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