Saturday, March 17, 2012

Early Spring Tour

The next hard cycle of my detox starts on Thursday, but today finds me feeling almost like my old self. The weather feels mild, and the singing birds beckon me to wander about with my camera to see how things are going on this spring-like day.

I love to be outside. I love to get my hands dirty. It's in my genes, and it's usually ALL over my jeans. The first things that I see as I look around is WORK! W-O-R-K, and lots of it. It kills me because I WANT to do it, but it's just not happening today. I'm having toxic headaches these last few days, not really bad, but they increase as I move around. Fun garden work will have to wait.  I hear the voice of that monkey from Lion King whisper in my ear..."Look bee-yond what you see". I take his advice and look beyond the work to see the miraculous beauty of nature that God's made....for me to just take in and enjoy today.

One of my favorite early spring blooming perennials (give to me by my friend Carol K.) is Rock Cress (Arabis prucurrens if you're sassy).

Why do I love it? Pretty much because it's the first blooming plant in the garden, otherwise, it's a pretty inconspicuous plant. Evergreen foliage, early/long lasting white flowers, and tolerant of neglectful growing conditions. Neglectful? Yes, planted underneath a French Lilac Bush, soon the Rock Cress will be smothered from above and receive inadequate water too. For now, it's glorious, and makes a lovely little long-lasting bouquet.

The garlic bed is coming along nice, a little sparse, but I'm hoping that there are more garlic to still break ground.

 The mild winter has last year's kale looking exceptionally yummy. We'll be picking it for a good while this spring before it finally goes to seed. Red kale and curly kale are what we grow. Both are a family favorite sauteed with garlic in olive oil.


Canada Geese are happy this morning. Most people don't like them, but I love them. I love to wake up to their music every morning.

Today is our calendar day to plant the spring peas. Daughter actually reminded me and said she'd do it. This will be our fourth year of planting our own saved pea seeds. It is a climbing snow pea variety that is delicious raw or steamed.

My mom came by yesterday with a whole flat of pansies. Pansies can be planted early in zone 6, a lot earlier than people realize (like my mom, who didn't stay to plant them). By the time most people are ready to plant pansies, like May, it's time for them to bolt. They don't like hot weather, but will establish themselves nicely if you plant them now. Like today. Go. :)

-Enjoy the day.

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