Monday, October 11, 2010

Fred Flintstones' Self Cleaning Fridge

Remember how good Wilma Flintstone had it? All her appliances were self cleaning or did the job themselves, animals running everything. I remember being a kid and thinking how cool that know, the whole house on 'auto pilot'! Who knew that I'd have a Flintstone Refrigerator in 2010?!

The little one wanted to help. Helping = video time at our house, so don't think our child just begs to help do chores! Bribery works! Anyway, I told her she could clean the fridge from top to bottom. She did. With her helper. It really is not our policy to allow cats in the fridge, really. However, sometimes a Type A mom just needs to laugh and let it go. Here are some shots of our self cleaning fridge in action.

Piper Ann hard at work. She's a selfless cat, always willing to work hard.

Enjoy the day -Wonderwoman

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