Wednesday, September 8, 2010


How exciting to cross off another entry on my Life's Little To-Do List! I love to do things from know how to REALLY do things and brewing beer has been on my mind for a couple of years. It seemed a little intimidating and I'm sure I could have dragged my feet for a couple more years before starting, but then we met a new family at church. Our new friend Derek and his wife Renee agreed to have us come to their home so Derek could show us the homebrew process.

Now, I will not go on to tell you the How-To of beer brewing because it will take many, many more batches for me to be confident in the process (did you hear the determination and commitment to beer in that?). But I will say that I am reading
this book right now and things are seeming simpler.

The best part is that my husband and I finally have something besides yard work that we can do together. He ALWAYS joins me on all of my crazy ventures, but his heart is actually in this one. So much in fact, that he did most everything last time we brewed with Derek.
Oh, I did hear about that!

As I write this our first batch of homebrew sits happily bubbling on the kitchen table.

Here are some photos to share of our experience so far.

What's next on Life's Little To-Do List? Bee keeping, wine making, a french angora rabbitry and quilting.....not necessarily in that order.

Life is short. Make a list and get to it!
Enjoy the day -Wonderwoman

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