Saturday, February 27, 2010

"That Cat is Pregnant Again"

My Dearest Sunshine,
I have tried to keep your secret for some time now. Both of us know that we cannot hide this anymore. Your father has suspected that perhaps we've been less than honest with him. You know I don't like to keep secrets from him. We knew this time would come. Honestly, I think he knows already. Maybe it's because of that night you stayed out and didn't come home until noon the next day. Or the fact that you brought 'him' home with you. You know he's not welcome here. He's never even acknowledged the babies that clearly belong to him. It's time to come clean and break the news to your father. You can't hide it from him anymore. You waddle past him several times a day making a spectacle of yourself. I'll break the news to him.

"That cat is pregnant again", is what husband has said several times in the last month. "No dear, she's just fluffy", I'd say. Ok. She is. Again. BUT this is the last time!

When Sunshine came to us on Mother's Day 2009, that probably should have been a sign! Poor thing was starving and beat up. We could tell she had never had a home before. We took care of her and nursed her to health. In just a few days, she looked and acted healthy and seemed like she was going to stay. Oh, those precious - innocent - happy - short weeks.

I counted the days after I caught her in the act. 63 days.

The first set of 'children' have been fun. Little T. enjoys them. Only one of them has been fixed as of yet. I think it's time to make an appointment and get the other two done. many cats does it take to earn the label Crazy Cat Lady?

Enjoy the day -Wonderwoman
P.S. Anyone want a kitten?


  1. I am NOT happy....and why is the cat on the table? We have discussed this!

    Anyone want a cat?

  2. She was only on the table to pose for the picture. It shows her best side.


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