Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meal Plan Monday 4-20-09

This weekend past we were truly blessed with two beautiful spring days! We spent a lot of time outside working in the garden. All of the seeds that are safe to plant this early are finally planted. Broccoli, onions, kale, swiss chard, and peas, are just some of the crops we planted.

Warmer spring days also mean Tag Sale and Flea Market season has finally begun. I love to go to Tag Sales...but before I can go to Tag Sales....I had to participate in one. You see, we had this great idea (smirk) about 2 years ago. Superman and I decided to Tag Sale all spring and summer and then we would sell it all on Ebay over the winter. Well, in theory it sounded good. But it takes a lot of time to do that kind of thing! It's time to just move all the stuff along and clear the basement out, so I participated in a Flea Market at a local general store over the weekend.

Our menu looks pretty yummy this week if I don't say so myself. Last week was not so exciting food wise because I did a 5 day Reset. I and am 5 pounds lighter than I was a week ago - now I'm ready for warm weather clothing!

B - Oatmeal w/ Sunflower Seeds & Walnuts
D - Hot Dogs & Chili

Monday (make
sourdough bread)
B - homemade Yogurt and Granola
L - Leeks and Lentils (recipe coming soon)
D - Crockpot Beef & Beans w/ salad

Tuesday (make yogurt like
here, but not such a high temp.)
B - Eggs
L - Left-over Leeks and Lentils
B - Oatmeal w/ Applesauce and Sunflower Seeds
L - T.B.D.
D - Salad Night (this week the salad will be topped with black beans, poached eggs and real bacon bits)

B - Eggs and Toast
L - T.B.D.
D - Kale & Garlic w/ Soba Noodles

B - Yogurt and Blueberries
L - T.B.D.
B - not sure yet
L - not sure yet
D - Asparagus & Ham Quiche

On any of the above recipe links that call for sugar, we substitute agave nectar.

For more great menu ideas - check out
Have a great week -Wonderwoman