Monday, December 15, 2008

Quilling & Spa Night

Superman resumed his Monday night Bible class tonight which leaves the chicks in the house to do what chickies do....

Tonight was Nosies and Tosies Night - a mommy and me spa night that included a facial and a pedicure.

We filled the tub with hot water, a soothing foot soak and some lavender oil and soaked our tosies! Little T. loved it. We scrubbed and filed and polished our toes while our faces were covered with a cream masque. I actually took a photo of her with the masque on with a great big smile...but didn't have the heart to post it. I wouldn't want it to haunt her in her dating years!

Before our spa time, Little T. and I got to do some quilling. This is a great craft for kids to do and all you really need is a quilling tool like this and some strips of paper. I'm sure you can find patterns on line, but I happened to have a pattern in my file (I bought this pattern 12 years ago and it's the first time I've used it) from Lake City Craft Co., if you click on the link it will take you to a free pattern of a snowflake like the one we made.

Little T. made this one herself. She was disappointed because we used rubber cement to glue it onto paper and it looks shiny wherever the glue is. I told her we'd try again tomorrow and use Aleene's Tacky Glue. As you can see, this pattern is really simple: 6 open hearts, 12 S scrolls and 6 marquises. Check out this site for instructions for the shapes.

Enjoy the day -Wonderwoman