Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Decorating Part 1

If the decorating doesn't get done today - then it's not getting done this year! I'm writing this post early on Saturday morning....dreaming of all the things we'll do today. Superman is still sleeping. Little does that poor sleeping man know, he is going to work hard today! He'll be begging for his desk job by Sunday night!

Here's the to do list for today:
  1. Get boxes out of attic - there's about 20 or so!
  2. Unpack all boxes and put decorations in their place
  3. Put the empty boxes back in attic
  4. Cut fresh tree for living room
  5. Put up 3 artificial trees (kitchen, sunroom, schoolroom)
  6. Decorate all the trees

Doesn't sound like much. I'll just tell him there's only 6 things on his to do list today (smirk).

Little T. and I have done some decorating already this week. We cut greens and filled the outdoor containers and baskets as well as a little tea set we had in storage to use for our table centerpiece. She really enjoyed making the arrangements and mommy backed off and let her do some on her own. Credit is due to her for the bunny arrangement and the concrete urn below.

I just ran outside to take these photos, but before I did - I put the bacon in the oven to wake up the rest of the house. This works every time. Nothing says lovin' like bacon in the oven!

This day will be a whirlwind of decorating, I'll post photos of the house tonight when it's all done. How is your decorating going?

- Wonderwoman