Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Decking the Halls

While our families Christmas decorations are not put up yet, Little T. and I did get a chance to help our church family decorate the church today.

The theme this year is 'silver tea pots'. Tea pots were loaned for use as centerpieces and after our Christmas party, the loaners get to take the tea pots home filled with a beautiful arrangement.

One of the work tables.

C.J., is the person who collects most of the live greens to be used for the arrangements, wreaths, swags and other decorations. She collects just about everywhere....one of these years we're going to have to take up a collection to bail her out for trespassing!

Working with this group of talented ladies today got me thinking that I have a silver tea set somewhere in the basement and I think I know just the place to collect some greens of my own!

Now where are my pruners? - Wonderwoman