Saturday, October 18, 2008

I love my Barbies!

Now don't get me wrong, because I love all of our's just that some of them I will love fried or roasted a little more! But we love our Barbies. Let me tell you about them. Our first group of 11 chick-a-bay-bees came from our local Tractor Supply on a whim to surprise Little T., again on a whim. No chicken coop, no waterers, no feeders....just a cardboard box. Superman and I were there to buy 6 chickens and of course we were buying them by their looks. There was this nice lady shopping and giving us advice telling us "it doesn't matter if you have 6 or 60 once you have chickens". We thought that made perfect sense (NO IT DOESN'T) at the time and scooped up more of the little fluff balls. We especially liked the little yellow ones with the feathers on their feet, the nice lady telling us those were Brahmas. Keep in mind our goal for the chickens - eggs. Fast forward from spring to fall....those little yellow chicks are Buff Cochins, an ornamental chicken that lay about 160 eggs a year! But we've found greater purpose for them anyway - .

All of our chickens have a name or a joint name. The Austrolaups (not sure if that's spelled correctly) are named Butternut because they're loud and freak out if the rest of the flock don't stay with them - just like Supermans mom who is also called Butternut. The Golden Comets are Pixie, Trixie and the other 4 are just Ixie because we can't tell them apart and besides that we ran out of ixie names. The Speckled Sussex all have names: Sally Ann, Sweetheart, Vanilla (she's a little plain), and Bad Hair Betty (she's got a cow-lick). The Buff Cochins are all blonde and very pretty and they look alike just like Barbie Dolls, so they are all Barbie. There is Fashion Barbie, who is the plumpest and has the largest comb. There's Sport Barbie, who can run real fast - head down, wings back, full speed ahead! And there's Garden Barbie, she is our gardener. If you start to dig a hole, she's sure she can do it better so move over. Garden Barbie is also an excellent tomato picker.

They are great companions for Little T. and I who spend a lot of time outside. Every day they are the only ones we let out of the pen early, around 3:00. They're like little plump ladies with slippers on their feet pushing their way to the front of the line because they know it's their time to get out of the pen. The Barbies follow us around the yard watching everything we do with a low Awwww for a noise. Now I realize that I'm talking about chickens - but we really do love our Barbies!
Enjoy the day -Wonderwoman