Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This is the scarf Little T. made for Zoe -
note how her eyes always go in two different directions!

It's Christmas Day night and the family has settled down to a movie on the couch after two days of excitment, a Veggie Tales movie is just about all we can handle right now. Superman is napping and I can't tell if Gramma Butternut is snoring in the big comfy chair or if it's Zoe - our oldest Boston Terrier.

Last night we drove to Massachussets to spend Christmas Eve with Uncle N. and Aunt C. and their family. We have spent the last few Christmas Eve's here at home and felt like we wanted to be with family this year. We were expecting a night full of good food and laughter, what we weren't expecting was their awesome generosity.

Me, Aunt C. and Cousin N. pose like Barbies!

This year, I didn't do any real Christmas shopping. Seriously, none except for a few things for Little T. Superman and I didn't buy for each other or anyone else. I made few small things for the people closest to us, but that was it. I'm not into whining....but (no, that not a but I'm going to anyway!), our bills are all paid and up to date and that's all the money there was. We couldn't allow our family finances to be troubled for months and months buying gifts for one day. It's years like this that help keep in perspective the real meaning of Christmas - and for that...we are truly grateful.

I thought this was a cute phote of the men NOT wanting their photo taken, notice
Superman taking the photo in the mirror.

Back to what I didn't expect last night at Uncle N. and Aunt C.'s house.....their generosity was unbelievable. Not just them, but everyone who was there; Aunties, Uncles and Cousins. They showered Little T. with gifts! Clothes, games, earrings....she was excited....and very grateful. She's told us how much she appreciates their thoughtfulness. They were able to give her the Christmas that we couldn't. (teary eyed)

Aunt C. and the newest and cutest member of the family - Shortie. I think Shortie needs a more feminine name like 'Sassie' or something like that, don't you? She's too cute.

Here's Aunt C.'s mom holding Aunt C.'s baby Bailey. Bailey is a sweet little girl dog!

We got home at 2:30 Christmas morning. I'm not a late night person, but it was worth it to be with our loving and giving family last night.

This morning came real fast! I made coffee twice this morning because it didn't seem to work the first time. Gramma Butternut and Papa-rottzi snuck in last night when we weren't home and filled our house with MORE gifts for Little T (and for Superman and me too)! They spoiled her all over again. Many things she was in great need of like clothes. She's grown so much and still wearing the clothes from last winter. Gramma Butternut bought her some really cute outfits. They are always taking care of us.

"Officer, these are the people who broke into my house and LEFT gifts...."

They spent the rest of the day playing games and watching movies. We were all sort of out of it today from lack of sleep. We'll be back to our old selves tomorrow! I guess it wouldn't really be Christmas if we weren't all pooped at the end of the day!

Evie and her new Christmas bone.

Merry Christmas to all and to early night! -Wonderwoman

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