Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meal Plan Monday 12-29-08

Planning any New Year's Resolutions for the coming year? Mine will be to have my Meal Plan Monday post up on Sundays!

This is going to be a lean week. Lot's of freezer meals, digging down deep into the corners of the chest freezer.

Breakfasts for this week are going to be a little monotonous. Our hens are laying quite well still with no additional light in the evening except for about 1/2 hour after dark to get them all settled in. They have pretty good lives, I think their house may be warmer than ours! We will be having eggs and toast in some manner for this week. I've been baking up a storm! I think I've worked out the kinks of my sourdough bread recipe and I've made about 4 loaves in the last week.

Lunches are also going to be repetitive; tuna, egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches are on the menu for this week.
Basically, that leaves dinner. Here is our dinner menu for this week:

Burgers on Homemade Buns


Crockpot Chicken and Acorn Squash Casserole


Pizza Night


In-laws are cooking for New Year's Eve!


Spicy Turkey Stuffed Zucchini and Brown Rice


Crockpot Beef and Beans


Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

Baked goodies for this week so far have been Pear Bran Muffins from Farmgirl Fare. I made them without the candied ginger and used agave nectar.

Have a wonderful week -Wonderwoman

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