Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chickens' First Snow

The lake - partially frozen

What a surprise this morning when I woke up to a winter wonderland! I pretty much never know what the weather is going to do because we don't have TV. Usually my mom will call me and give me the weather report everyday, but she's been busy with her wreath making business for Christmas.

Whenever is snows, it's so quiet outside first thing in the cars...just peaceful quiet....and on this morning it was not any different...until -

...I opened the chicken coop door. New things are scary for people, nevermind chickens who are sure that death is around every corner. Our morning routine did not go as usual. Usually, I open the doors and they all come rushing out. This morning, a few stood by the door where there was no snow and the rest of them just peaked out in scary disbelief thinking, "where did the ground go?" (I narrate all the time for them - usually out loud.)

They pretty much are sure that all new scary things are my fault. Like the time I was carrying the Brown Umbrella of Death or the time I threw the Empty Feed Bag of Fright over the fence. Scary times!

"Where did my feet go?" say Butternut and Ixie

The ones who did venture away from the door only stood in the snow for a few minutes and then when one of them decided to fly like mad back inside - the others did too - squawking like mad.

This is the worst chicken feed she's ever bought!

It took four hours before they decided that there was no imminent danger and venture outside of their house.

"Mom, can you please OPEN the door?" Zoe & Evie on the back porch.

Even my herding dogs waited by the door to their house while I did the morning chores! How many days 'til spring?

Enjoy the day - Wonderwoman

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