Thursday, November 13, 2008

Madder than a Wet Hen?

A saying my mom uses when describing someone who's really mad: madder than an old wet hen. I don't know exactly how mad a wet hen can get, actually when our hens are wet they're just pathetic and sad looking! But I NOW know what the term 'broody' means. Broody is when a hen decides that she wants to sit on her eggs and hatch them. That's the technical meaning, I'll share my own interpretation in just a moment.

First it's important to remember that we're kind of new to this and I'm known as my mother's girlie girl. I get dressed complete with hair and make up everyday even if I don't leave the house, even when I'm going to clean the chicken coop or work in the garden - it's just what I do. I am really my grandmother's daughter. My grandmother was brought up to be proper. To this day, when my grandmother goes to church and people are wearing jeans - she will gasp! As she is getting older, she is also forgetting where her edit button is and she tends to comment OUT LOUD, and loudly when she sees something she finds unacceptable. I'm not like her in that respect at all! Everybody gets to choose how they are in my book, I'll be me - you can be you. I am so far off track of the subject of 'broody' that it's not even funny - my point is...(what is the point?) that chicken rearing is all new for me and slightly out of character! I tend to find chicken habits very interesting and funny as well. I also tend to 'narrate' what they're thinking.

On to our poor white Brahma, Roxanne, I thought she was dying because she wouldn't eat or drink or come out of her nesting box. I thought this until a friend told me, "she's just being broody". I still tried to push the food and water on her but she would turn her head and refuse. Each day I have taken her eggs out from under her while she clucks madly at me like she's telling me off.

Yesterday, in my wisdom...I decided to take her physically out of the box and make her walk around and try to snap out of it. It was hysterical! She ran through the chicken yard with exaggerated movements clucking and pecking at everyone like she was saying "Don't look at me, don't talk to me, leave me alone"! It was then I realized that broody means: in a really bad mood with a side of crazy. I also realized that I could relate to Roxanne - sometimes I get a little broody myself!


  1. FYI - I stole your Spinach and Cheese Casserole recipe and will be trying it out this week! THANKS!

  2. Ha! Yes, I have had to remove broody hens too. That is the only way to get them to leave those eggs. :o)

    Maybe broody and moody are too similar. Ha.

    1. It is a pain to have them go broody, but I'd much rather have breeds that do rather than the 'newer' breeds that don't. The only ones we have right now that go broody are the speckled sussex and australorps.


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