Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Flowers and Butterflies

Here in New England where we live, most of the leaves are now on the ground. There is still much to do outside but it is mostly raking and cutting back perennials. How I miss the vegetable garden already! There are still some herbs going strong that I can snip and use in my recipes, but I really miss the cherry tomatoes that have been part of every meal since July. For a gardener, this time of year brings mixed feelings. On the one hand it is an opportunity to clean out and start the next growing season with a clean slate. On the other hand, seeing no green or growing plants can be a little depressing.

There is a bright spot still in the garden more glorious than any chrysanthemum or aster could be and that's the fall blooming Anemone. This is one of my favorite plants and seems to be overlooked by many due to the fact that this is a plant that you have to seek out. Check out this great article on the Anemone.

Although the blooming plants and even the Anemone are just about done for this year, I did see the most beautiful butterfly the other day.
Enjoy the day and the pictures of our butterfly - Wonderwoman

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  1. There are times when I do miss Maine. Especially during fall and winter, when I would have leaves or snow crunching beneath my feet. I've always felt that so relaxing.
    Thank you for sharing.


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