Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Clean Up and a Hearty Meal

Most people will tell you that they love autumn - but hate to clean up the leaves. I enjoy watching my husband clean up the see....he's one of those guys who is always trying to think of a more efficient way of doing things. And of course those more efficient ways mean POWER TOOLS. We have two leaf blowers. One is gas powered so there's no cord to tie him down. The other does have a cord and is used when he's standing in one place to suck the leaves into the leaf blower thingy and shred them. I come from people who would tackle this problem using merely a rake. But if Superman is going to take care of this job then I'll stand back and let him do it his way.

His lovely assistant - Little T. helped him with the job because he said if she did, then she could jump in the leaf pile. In fact, he took turns throwing her and our little dogs Zoe and Evie in the pile. They ALL loved it and kept coming back for more.

Little T. built a fire in our fire pit and roasted marshmallows. We kept the chickens in for the day because they usually scratch in the fire pit and I wasn't sure if they were smart enough to NOT scratch in the fire pit when there's a fire in it. I have spent more time keeping those animals alive this year! I did want to make a big batch of chicken pot pies on Friday....there was a breech in the chicken pen, and as Little T. and I were leaving for our Friday landscaping job we were running out the door to jump in the car when we saw half of our chickens were loose and having a grand ole' time. We had to stay home and fix the situation because when it comes down to me earning $60 to landscape or my chickens ruining my neighbors $30,000 landscaping....well it's just common sense to not leave them to party. I didn't wait for Superman to fix the fence because that would have meant more POWER TOOLS - somehow. My Dad; Captain America taught us that we could pretty much fix anything with nothing, so I did. I piled up a bunch of wood over the hole in the fence - problem solved.

While raking the leaves out of the vegetable garden I found a nice clump of flat leaf parsley that had grown since the harvest. I had planned on making Garlic Pasta for dinner so this was a nice addition to the meal. The garlic pasta is something I saw on Martha a few years ago, but I've simplified it. It's a super quick meal so you have to have everything ready before you get started. I roasted 2 whole heads of garlic in olive oil earlier in the day and let them cool. The pasta has to be boiling when you start sauteing 2 more cloves of garlic in a saucepan with olive oil, add some white wine to slow it down, some basil (I froze a bunch), the roasted garlic, the flat leaf parsley and some more white wine if it starts to get too thick. Put the pasta in individual bowls, pour sauce over it and toss. Top it with some parmesan cheese and coarse salt. We also had sourdough biscuits and chicken sausage with the pasta. It was a hearty meal after a good day working in the yard. The day ended with a DVD and a slice of Butternut Squash pie with some whip cream! We've still got lots more leaves to go - but that's ok - we've got POWER TOOLS!

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